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There are student consultancies and there are gender consultancies. We are the first student gender consultancy that we know of.

We offer pro-bono consulting to businesses who want to maximize their financial and social returns through the power of gender. Our dedicated teams want to offer the most benefit for your time.

If you are interested in working with us, reach out today.


What we do

Who we are

GBC offers pro-bono consulting on gender diversity topics to businesses in the Philadelphia area and beyond. Consultants provide reports and recommendations to clients on topics including, but not limited to, role models, gender bilingualism, and leadership.

Gender Balance Consulting (GBC) is a student group at the University of Pennsylvania. GBC strives to encourage individuals around the world to recognize gender balance as a priority and help its clients achieve greater financial and social success.

The process

Why gender balance matters

We tailor the project to your specific needs and goals, as well as maximize the benefit for your company. While there is no monetary cost, we ask for two things in order to achieve these goals:

  • Three calls or meetings throughout the semester: a diagnostic at the beginning, a check-in halfway through, and a final presentation

  • A point person available to answer questions about the company and provide necessary information

Gender balance isn't just the right thing to do. Research consistently shows that gender equality in the workplace is linked to improved financial performance, decision-making, customer satisfaction, and innovation. With women comprising 60% of global educated talent, effectively tapping into this talent pool is crucial to economic growth.